Wednesday, 26 February 2014

#traveladventures;Ti amo Italia

Italy is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to. The architecture is just stunning, roman architecture is beautiful and art, the fact that the sixteen chapel is hand painted blows my mind!. Rome is just coated with rich history. We are talking buildings and monuments from 300 BC, If only walls could talk. Once the most powerful empire in the world.
The way the language flows is just beautiful, no wonder its known as the language of love. It makes me want to learn how to speak italian, just so i could understand what they were saying.
And lets not forget about the food, italian food is the best. First time i went to Rome i ate pasta every single day and I mean EVRY SINGLE DAY, should mention that i was 10.
Since then I've been lucky enough to go back, and this time i got some nice photos to show for it. All I used was my iPhone 4, since my SLR camera just got me confused and stressed. Italy has a such a beautiful warm light to it, its unlike anything I've seen.

Fontana di trevi 

Cant go to Italy without having gelato. 

This second time around i had the pleasure to visit Venice, sadly i didn't get to spend as much time as i wanted to and see all of the sight i would have liked, but nonetheless a beautiful place :)
Its defenetly a place i would like to revisit on day. 

We had dinner in this beautiful restaurant, with outdoor seating, where you had this view of the canal. The only bad thing was whenever a boat with high speed would pass  the water from the canal would splash up on us from under the floor..i guess it´s a part of the experience, like getting lost amongst the buildings. The awesome thing about Venice is that there are no cars on the main "island", they use boats for everything taxis, bus, police, ambulance and so on. 

The last day in Venice.

Have a good one.
-The gypsy traveler

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