Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter vacation

Vacation is almost over, and its back to work. Here are some snippets from my down time. 
We have been lucky with the weather the last couple of days, in the beginning it didn't look to bright but the sun finally decided to show. Honestly it feels like april?!.. Hiking this time of year is the best, the grass isn't to high, the bugs isn't buzzing with life and the temperature is pretty decent when its not to windy.. 

With all of this free time I've been getting more into painting and drawing again, i forgot how therapeutic it is, being able to shut your brain off for awhile. 

You never fully appreciate the thing you've got until you don't have them anymore. Our beloved cat has been with us for 11 years now.. The thought of losing her is downright awful. Seeing her getting weaker and losing about half her bodyweight in little over a week was sad.  Thankfully we got her to the vet, as long as she gets her medicine..its looking promising.. *crossing my finger*

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