Monday, 7 April 2014

The bucket list

So here are some of the goals and things i would like to achieve during my time on this planet.

1. get a tattoo 
2. skydive
3. watch the sunrise at Machu Picchu
4. count the rainbows at Victoria falls
5. go skiing in the swiss alps
6. spend a night in the rain forest
7. set foot on all of the continents (Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica)
8. learn how to juggle
9. see northern lights
10. visit a nudist beach
11. learn how to surf/ skate/ surf
12. attend the carnival in Rio and venice
13. sleep in a snow cave
14. finish a 1000 piece puzzle
15. ride a mechanical bull
16. complete the 50 books challenge
17. take a picture everyday for a year
18. go on a trip or vacation ALONE
19. work as a volunteer  (animal reservoir)
20. spend a night in the bush
21. stargazing from a hot air balloon
22. have a dip in the devils pool on an organic farm
24. zipline
25. go to a music festival in a different country
26. spend a night in jail
27. solve an rubicscube
28. Watch the sunset and rise in one night.
29. become a skilled photographer
30. swim with sharks/ whale shark
31. attend a murder mystery party
32. go backpacking
34. climbe K2
35. shower in a waterfall
36. go to India
37. Visit Antarctica and say hello to the emperor penguins
38. dog sledding
39. do a handstand
40. learn how to dive
41. live in a different country for a year

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