Friday, 12 September 2014

Malapascua photo diary



Malapascua was so nice and relaxing. The best thing, no tourists (almost).. White beaches and crystal blue water...and the mango juice don't even get me started on the mango is the freshes sweetest thing I have ever had in my mouth..and probably the thing I miss the most..we had a couple of days with no wind..we were sweating buckets I tell you....

Getting to Bogo, we had to take one of those yellow busses with open windows...have I mentioned that filipino traffic is crazy?..yeah its crazy, and the buss drivers are no different..The pressure of the wind that hits you..when you have a window seat (which I had) is unreal..I went from dripping of sweat to barely being able to breath or open my eyes..the whole situation was just hilarious.. my hair was flying everywhere and I felt sorry for the old lady that had to sit next to me, who got whippet in the face.

Arriving in Bogo, we got dropped off at a random gas station where we had to get on a tricycle to Hisoler resort where we were staying.  Where the bride to be welcomed us. After days with unbelievable heat in Malapascua we finally got a room with air-conditioning (the first room with air-con on our entire trip), and oh my god was it good!.. It was a beautiful resort.
 Sadly I don't have any pictures of the resort, other than the crapy iPhone selfies at the bottom.. (and yes that is a selfie stick you're  seeing..)

 It was a filipino/ german wedding. The couple were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and had decided to remarry. so sweet! 
It was a traditional ceremony in church then a good meal at the reception with traditional filipino food.  All I have to say is that filipinos know how to celebrate, and this wedding was no different.  We all went crazy out on the dance floor. Even my mom got her groove on..haha!. we almost got a strip teas, luckily someone stopped him before it got to far..
Seeing the big germans and the little filipinos and the different dance styles had me cracking up all night. 

In the Philippines they have a saying/catchphrase - "its more fun in the Philippines" and its so true! 

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