Saturday, 6 September 2014

#traveladventure: Philippines 2014

I am back in Norway after 3 amazing weeks in the Philippines. Safe to say I had a blast.
After almost 3 days of traveling and little to no sleep, we were greeted with big hugs at the airport in Cebu.  Don't you just love the feeling of walking out the airport as the air of a new country  hits you in the face.
This was  my 5th time in the Philippines and our agenda was full. This trip has been one of the best I've had.

A couple of days after our arrival we where going to Bohol, an island south of Cebu. Next stop was Malapascua, which is a tiny island in the northern part of Cebu, for a final stop in Bogo where we were invited to a wedding. Yes, it has been non stop and I love it!

I have gained so much on this trip, so many new impressions and thoughts are running through my head. All the new friends that Ive made, getting to know my cousins and neighbors better has been so much fun.
In the Philippines you will find some of the friendliest, most hardworking and loving people. I am constantly amazed by their hospitality how much they are willing to give..even if they don't have much..
No one is ever in a hurry (also known as "filipino time"), you can always catch someone snoozing in a hammock or on a bench...they take their time, love it! thats my way of living :)

The final day in the Philippines was spent with my "bodyguards" as they like to call themselves, which are my cousins. By the end of the night I had 5 guys playing guitar and singing to me... the sweetest lads you'll ever meet  Im gonna miss them so much!!

(sorry for the random pictures, photo diary will be up soon)

Playing with my favorite kitty... forever a crazy cat lady!

This picture was taking on the final day, don`t be fooled by the smile..I was fighting the tears...

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