Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My first meeting with Aurora Borealis

canon eos 450d /ef 18-55mm

With the temperature dropping down to 0 degrees at night, making it perfect for stargazing. 
So I decided to go outside, (having just recently learned how to shoot at night) to see what I could get. Suddenly I noticed a green tint on the pictures I took, wondering what it could be. I never expected to see green lights dancing above me. Ive heard its possible to get a glimpse of aurora borealis where I live, but I've never seen it. Until tonight, I honestly couldn't believe it. I just got to tick off a major thing on my bucket list. (not gonna lie, it brought a little tear to my eye) As I've said before, there is nothing as magical and enchanting as a starry night. 

How about you, ever seen northern lights?

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