Friday, 7 November 2014

Tis the season

Red nose, tissues everywhere, steaming mugs, know what I'm talking about. Its that time of the year again.
Flu-season is in full bloom.
If there is one thing I hate in the world, it's being sick. You can't sleep, breath, talk and your nose is constantly running.
Now I rarely get sick. Im usually pretty good at convincing myself that I'm not sick.
-*cough, cough*, "I swear I'm good,*achoo* never felt better".
But this time, even I couldn't fool me.
The best thing I know when I'm sick is ramen noodles with veggies and a big mug (the size of my head) of green tea with honey or ginger (which works wonders for a sore throat). Lots of water, don't forget the magic that is water!!
Tangerines? clementines? mandarins? Whatever you call it, I never know ,is there really a difference? Anyway the smell  reminds me of all the great things that are ahead (gingerbread cookies & hot chocolate) and their loaded with vitamins.

So excuse me while I hide under a mountain of blankets and pillows, for the rest of the week.


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