Wednesday, 3 December 2014

baby, its cold outside

Recently I ventured in to Bergen to soak up all of the christmas decorations. I love walking around the city when all of the lights are up, shops playing christmas songs, people going crazy over black friday sale (yes, apparently we have those in Norway now).

With the sale going on, and every shop being cramped with people, I decided to seek refugee in a cosy little cafe hidden in one of Bergen's many alleyways. Walls covered in travel gear, everything from backpacks, maps, currencies from all over the world, travel books stacked from floor to sealing can't believe I didn't know about this place before.

Me and my bestie had decided to watch dumb and dumber2, we even had the genius idea to pre order the tickets in the car (which is a 2 hour drive).
We got so lost in the christmas lights that we almost missed the movie,having to power walking  all the way to the theater. Being the last once to find our seats we pretty much stepped on every single person on our row (ups, sorry). Never did I expect to laugh as much as I did (then again I have a terrible sense of humor). The night ended with fireworks in the park, which we weren't there to see, because we were busy chowing down thai food. I know we have excellent timing skills.

Yet another successful day!

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