Friday, 6 March 2015

turning 23

canon 6D/ ef 35mm 2.8

Today I turn 23 and life isn't what I expected it to be. Confusing, frustrating, exciting, scary, amazing, thrilling, filled with laughter one minute and tears the next..its a wild roller-coaster with highs and lows, never knowing whats around (the river bend) the next corner, before I turn into a Disney song ill get to the point.. I thought I would share some lessons I've come to learn over the years.

Don't take things too seriously.

Its never as bad as you think it is..stop overthinking!

You are your best friend and your worst enemy.

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It is the scariest and most rewarding thing you can do.

Failing isn't the end of the world, learn from it and move on.

You can't define yourself from a job title or a degree (or the lack of one), there is more to you than paperwork and diplomas. Value your self.

Gratitude is really the key to happiness.

Don't live with regret. Looking back at missed opportunities is only gonna make you miss the once in front of you.

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