Wednesday, 29 April 2015

a white spring

Once again I got up really early and went hiking (as I've mentions in a previous post, <sunrise fail>). 
Just as you think summer is on its way, its starts to snow (#norwegianspring).
Fresh snow from the night covered the trail, I had to fight my way through some heavy branches and bushes that were covered in snow..Which all hit me in the head and went down my shirt.. I cursed every time. 

There was a moment when the sun hit the snow and an amazing steam covered the entire view, it was  like taking a lid of a pan with boiling water. AMAZING! 
It all reminded me of the "Misty Mountain" song from the hobbit. 

I have a part 2 coming up so stay tuned for that :)

canon eos 6D/ canon eos 450d// canon 35mm f/2 canon 55-200mm

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